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Alisa Ashley, Curriculum Specialist for the "YES I CAN" Project

(March 2014)
Alisa Ashley, a truly amazing teacher at Thomas Elementary, in Flagstaff, Arizona, has been hard at work creating a "YES I CAN" curriculum for schools that teaches children fun lessons about self-esteem, courage, bullying, affirmations, gratitude, and MORE.

The "YES I CAN" curriculum also helps children build confidence in a lasting way, not by praising them for every tiny effort, but rather by teaching them to set big goals, achieve them, and to be proud of themselves.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help support this important work. Your donation will go directly toward innovative programs and services for kids.

Teachers we have worked with have told us that their students have much better attitudes after the program and really believe that they can do anything they set their mind to and work hard at.

With your donation, we can bring this program to more schools and help more kids!

Thank you!

The "YES I CAN" Projects' Adopt A School Program
One way you can help the "YES I CAN" Project reach the children in your area is through our innovative Adopt-A-School Program.

With this program, you choose the school you would like to adopt and we will then provide that school with everything they need to implement the "YES I CAN" School Curriculum including the curriculum writen by Alisa Ashley.

Choose the school you attended, the school you children or grandchildren are attending, or the school your children or grandchildren will one day attend.

What a wonderful way to give back and pay it forward!

Yes I Can Button

The "YES, I CAN" Adopt-a-School Kit
10 - 6-inch "YES I CAN" buttons
25 - "YES I CAN" signs
500 - 1-1/4" "YES I CAN" buttons
500 - 1.67" "YES I CAN" stickers
Copy of "YES I CAN" Curriculum for School

covers the costs to adopt one school

adopt as many schools as you wish

Be sure to provide us the name and address of the school you'd like to adopt and we'll send your packet directly to that school along with a note that you adopted the school.

Les Brown, World's Leading Motivational Speaker has worked with the "YES I CAN" Project and enthusiastically supports the work we are doing.

Click the photo above to hear
what Les Brown has to say
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Les Brown invites Motivational / Inspirational Leaders to come together and join him in
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the "YES I CAN" Project

Consider becoming a "YES I CAN" Project Sponsor

The "YES I CAN" Project is looking for individuals and businesses
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The yearly investment for sponsorship is shown below:

Bronze Sponsorship - $250

Silver Sponsorship
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Gold Sponsorship - $1000

Platinum Sponsorship - $2500 (or more)

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